Panda Print - colour and digital printers

Our People

Our strength lies with our professional customer focussed team, who will go above and beyond to ensure we deliver a quality product on time, every time.

Built on a firm foundation

The Wilson family has a long and proud history in the Scottish Print Industry.  James Wilson & Company was established in 1911 by James Wilson.  This successful printing company was inherited by Robert Wilson,  son of James, shortly after the second world war.  Pandaprint’s current Chairman (Non-Exec), James Wilson, joined the family company in 1969 before fully taking over from Robert in 1974.  Following a highly successful decade, James Wilson & Company was sold in the early 1980s.  Happily, the family's traditions and heritage still live on today through the next generation and Pandaprint. 

Panda Print - Our People
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